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The Equi-Ciser™
North America's Leading Horse Exerciser

The Equi-Ciser™


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The Equi-Ciser™'s innovative design, introduced to the North American market by Equi-Line Mfg's principals over 10 years ago, leads the market in cost-effectiveness and return on investment. Designed specifically for single operator use to control training and rehabilitation of up to eight horses at a time, the Equi-Ciser™ dramatically reduces labour costs and training time.

Rated as the top horse exerciser by performance horse professionals, the Equi-Ciser™ is a free-run horse exerciser with an accident-free track record and the highest safety standards in the industry. However our client/reference list speaks for itself. Although a number of copy-cat and spin-off designs are available on the market, the Equi-Ciser™ is manufactured exclusively by Equi-Line Mfg.

The Equi-Ciser™ uses a CSA approved control panel, with an auto reverse feature, to control a wide range of speed levels to increase or decrease training capabilities. These sought after unique safety features and ground-breaking design make the Equi-Ciser™ the leader in free-run horse exercisers.

The Equi-Ciser™ is engineered and built with the horse's safety as the first priority. We want to help secure your investment.

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