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In December 2003 was awarded the Seeker Business Web Award for those business websites which meet or exceed certain expectations.

The Equi-Ciser™
North America's Leading Horse Exerciser

Points of Distinction

As a company, our business is firmly focused on a healthy horse and assisting the viability of our clients' businesses. With over 60 years of combined in-house expertise, Equi-Line Mfg brings to your business in-depth knowledge of various aspects of the equine industry, thus ensuring that we consistently exceed your expectations and the needs of your horses.

The Equi-Line Mfg team brings the following advantages to our products and services:

Extensive knowledge of horses and horse training

Equi-Line Mfg has a true understanding of their clients' requirements because of our varied experience, including horse breeding, horse performance training and conditioning and presale horse preparation.

Commitment to uncompromising standards

Our standards of excellence in safety and service are unsurpassed in the industry.

Engineering design expertise

Combining the industry's top mechanical engineering minds with leading edge technology, Equi-Line Mfg bases its ground-breaking designs around the specific needs of the horse.

Without exception, all facilities and other equipment designed in-house receive the same attention to detail. The company extends the same rigorous standards in choosing partners and other product lines to ensure cost-effectiveness and "best of breed" quality.

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