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August 12, 1999

Showplace Farms

Dear Equi-Line Mfg:

I am writing to tell you how pleased we are with your Equi-Ciser™. After looking at all the machines on the market I was so impressed with your Equi-Ciser™ that we purchased two for you to install here.

As you know, we are a training facility for Standardbread Race Horses with over 200 clients here on the farm. Since we put the machines in on March of '99 we have not had a single time slot that has not been rented. Your construction and ease of operation is evident in the number of clients that use this machine daily without a single incident. We have over 140 horses a day on the two machines and all of our tenants are extremely satisfied. If the success continues as it seems to be, I feel a third machine is on the horizon.

You have treated our account in a skilled and professional manner, with your attention to service second to none. I hope to continue to do business with you on this wonderful venture of yours the Equi-Ciser™.

Sincerely yours,

Bix L. DiMeo
General Manager

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