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Jerry Bailey Training Stable

Dear Equi-Line Mfg:

In order to successfully operate and maintain a training facility of this calibre, I am always looking for leading edge methods to save time and money as well as to stay competitive and on top. When we acquired the Equi-Ciser™, I was able to accomplish all of these goals.

The Equi-Ciser™ has become an essential part of our training operations. We are impressed with both its effectiveness and versatility. There are a variety of uses for the machine. Those which are most important to us include its aid in training for the races and in preparing yearlings for sales.

To us, one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a machine is the service availability once the machine is installed and in use. Equi-Line Mfg's level of customer service in delivering, installing and following installation of the machine has been excellent. Once the machine is up and running, it becomes a necessity through constant use. Our facility would not be able to function as efficiently and effectively without one.

As a satisfied customer, I highly recommend the Equi-Ciser™ to other equine facilities.


Jerry Bailey Training Stables
Jerry Bailey

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