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An Interview with Jason Grimshaw - Grimshaw Training Stables, Alberta

The equine industry grew out of man's love for horses. Owners and trainers involved in the equine industry put in long hours and are completely dedicated to their animals. If they are lucky, they may find a prizewinner in their stable and a fraction of the high cost of maintaining their stables will be reduced. Championship animals are rare and most horse owners don't get back what they put into training. With labour costs for trainers and owners quickly cutting into the bottom line, how does the common owner/trainer keep these necessary costs at a minimum to make a profit? The solution – The Equi-Ciser™.

Horse exercisers lower the cost of training. The Equi-Ciser™ allows multiple horses to be exercised at the same time under the supervision of a single trainer, thus eliminating the need for additional barn hands and multiple trainers. Some facilities using the Equi-Ciser™ have reduced their labour costs by up to 50%.

"Before we purchased the Equi-Ciser™ from Equi-Line Mfg we just rode our horses everyday," said Jason Grimshaw of Grimshaw Training Stables. "Now it allows us to train up to seven horses at a time and we have cut back on staff significantly."

The Equi-Ciser™ increases the value of a horse by building stronger muscles and increasing their overall condition. With the adjustable speed settings on the Equi-Ciser™, horses can be conditioned for better performance. The Equi-Ciser™ burns up horses' wild energy allowing for a calmer, more focused animal during training. The Equi-Ciser™ is also used as a training tool whereby horses can be saddled and bit-up, allowing for a much "softer" ride, as well as help rehabilitate injuries.

"After starting with the Equi-Ciser™ our horses have had a better temperament and are in much better condition to compete," said Grimshaw, the 1999 AQHA Working Cow Horse World Champion, 2000 Canada Cup Champion, and 2001 USET-Nationscup Double Gold Medallist. "Our horses are stronger, more fit and are always ready to train."

The Equi-Ciser™ is a great tool to aid in the preparation of horses for sale. A nicely toned well-manned yearling can demand a much higher price on today's market. "We have definitely seen an increase in profit as a result of our decision to purchase an Equi-Ciser™," says Grimshaw. "The yearlings look better and are more socially accepting.

One major advantage of the Equi-Ciser™ as opposed to the hot walker is the safety factor. Horses are not drug by their necks and posture development problems do not occur with the free-run exerciser. The horses exercise in a natural state, allowing natural development of muscles, improved respiratory function, and have a stress free environment to develop in.

"The service we've received from Equi-Line Mfg on our Equi-Ciser™ has been excellent," said Grimshaw. "Any barn without an Equi-Ciser™ is at a serious disadvantage."

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