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Cottonwood Creek Ranch
400 Redcliff Drive
Redding, California

Dear Equi-Line Mfg,

Here at Cottonwood Creek Ranch we have found the Equi-Ciser™ to be a vital tool for our horse operation. We have been able to use it on all classes of horses, from mares with foals at side to our most spirited stallions.

It seems to give all horses the opportunity to be exercised in a controlled way with almost no previous training necessary. The built-in safety cut-off features allow personnel to be occupied with other tasks while horses are being exercised, thus saving valuable man hours.

We have also found that horses can be safely cooled out, giving opportunity to ride other animals simultaneously. In well over a year's usage there have been no accidents associated with the use of the Equi-Ciser™. That is a remarkable record in comparison with other horse exercising equipment available.

We would heartily recommend the Equi-Ciser™ as a valuable aid for any horse operation.


Gordon L. Classen
Ranch Manager

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