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3166 Twin Oaks Valley Road
North San Marcos,CA 92069

Dear Equi-Line Mfg,

Since we have installed the Equi-Ciser™ in January we have found that all of our horses are doing very very well and coming along. It is the most valuable piece of equipment on our property.

I thoroughly believe that if you are in the horse business you must have such equipment. (For you are only as good as your horses and equipment!) The therapeutic value is superior to anything I have experienced in my profession or my 30 years of working with horses. The young horse learns to utilize their minds by having to concentrate and listen. This is extremly beneficial for them.

The horses in competition should have a slow gradual training regime which will prevent leg, repiratory, cardiovascular or overall problems. This machine provides for a more complete fitness for horses of all disciplines, by ensuring that the horses have an adequate amount of time before they are ridden. (You can't wreck'm if you don't ride'm!)

As a training tool for the trainer this is probably the most important and cost effctive piece of equipment that you will have at your command. Many thanks for your guidance and assistance in purchasing and operating this fine piece of equipment.

Yours Truly,

Mike Cline
Brookwood Stables

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