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The Trolley Groomer™


The Trolley Groomer™ is the smallest on-wheel Track Leveller available from Equi-Line Mfg. We re-designed, the Trolley Groomer™ for specific use in the Equi-Ciser (Model TG4-EC). The unit can be pulled behind a garden tractor or ATV. The leveling blade measures 5 feet and is perfectly suited for maintaining the footing in an Equi-Ciser™ due to the height adjustable wheel frame (TG4-EC only). It is also a perfectly suited for maintaining round pens, lunging rings, and smaller indoor and outdoor arenas where a three point hitch equipment is not available.

For more information on our full line of Arena Groomers click here.

Product Features

  • Variable height adjustment of harrow
  • Harrow in front of leveling blade
  • Height adjustable and built with swivel blade
  • Two guide wheels for wall protection
  • Height ajustable wheel for Equi-Ciser use
  • Steel structure hot-dip galvanized for durability

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