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Modular Fence Panel System

This Fence System offers numerous advantages difficult to find in other Systems:

Aesthetic: Wood has a classic and clean look and can be easily painted or stained to match barn colours.

Safe: Properly spaced & mounted these 2" thick boards are very safe. Outside panels are 6' high and allow horses to see outside avoiding boredom or surprises. Each panel is 8' wide. For fastening lag bolts (on outside of exercise area) are used. Fence panels are bolted together and staked down with ground spikes during installation to make it a strong and safe system.

Easy & Economical Maintenance: Boards are individually bolted on frame. Boards are easily replaced without taking whole panel down. Frames are hot deep galvanized and maintenance free. Also, the fence design help to keep footing in exercise area.

Easy to Install: The panels do not require any posts in the ground and they are bolted together for better stability (no pins). Easy take down for moving to different location.

Expandable: Unlike regular fences, this system allows to add panels should clients decide to increase the size of their Equi-Ciser™. It can also be used for round pens making panels longer if needed 10' or 12'.

Custom Fit: like pre-fabricated panel systems, the boards can be cut to any length necessary.

Economical: this fence system is also the most affordable panel fence available. In order to save our clients even more, Equi-Line Mfg will supply an "Lumber List" with cutting details reducing shipping costs. If not installed by Equi-Line Mfg, customer can order the frames and hardware as a kit for do-it-yourself installation.

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