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EX Fence Panel System


Equi-Line Mfg's heavy-duty, EX Fence Panel System is designed for safety, taking care to ensure no sharp corners or openings will injure your horse. Built with pressure treated lumber, bedded in a custom designed steel frame making it the strongest panel available on the market today (one 8' panel weighs approx. 200 lbs).

The panels are manufactured from 8 to 12 gauge steel tubing and channels, hot dip galvanized after fabrication for long lasting durability. The inserted pressure treatde lumber is 1 ½" thick (40 mm), made from the highest grade of decking materials. Fence panels are bolted together and staked down with ground spikes during installation to make it a strong, sturdy and safe system.

The EX Fence Panel system is ideal for horse exercisers and walkers, lunging rings, dividers, round pens, paddocks and chutes. Frames and gates are available separately.

Product Features

Outside Fence Panel dimensions: 6' (1.86 m) x 8' (2.45 m)
Enclosed panels: 4' (1.22 m) or 6' (1.80 m) with inserted lumber
Gate dimensions: 7.5' (2.30 m) x 6' (1.80 m) with adjustable hinges on left

Inside Fence Panel dimensions: 5' (1.50 m) x 8' (2.45 m)
Enclosed panels: 4' (1.22 m) high with inserted lumber

Service Gate (Man Door) dimensions: 5' (1.50 m) high x 4' (1.20 m) wide.

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